Rajasthan GK in Hindi

Rajasthan Rising Recognitions -  (Important for Exam)

1. The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India honoured Rajasthan with an award of Rs 1.00 Cr. and a certificate under the 'Krishi Karman Puruskar' for the optimum production of 32.32 lakh tonnes of pulses in the State in the year 2010-11.

2. Rajasthan received first prize of Rs 1.5 Cr. and a certificate from the Government of India on the Rashtriya Panchayat Divas Samaroh for the effective transfer of departments to Panchayati Raj Institutions along with funds, functions and functionaries up to the district level.

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First in Rajasthan


  1. First Assembly President of Rajasthan - Mr. Narottam Lal Joshi
  2. First Lady Chief Minister (CM) of RajasthanSmt. Vasundhra Raje
  3. First Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court - Mr. Kamal Kant Verma
  4. First Governor of Rajasthan - Mr. Gurumukh Nihal singh
  5. First Lady Minister - Smt. Kamla Beniwal

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Administrative Structure of Rajasthan